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This page was created to reminisce about anything and everything that has gone on in our family, from the good times to the bad (hopefully we'll end up focusing on the good).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

You know I'd like to say something here. I'm very proud of Nate for his effort to help keep the memories of this family. I love you for this Nate. (Chuck) I have a grundle of memories about all of you and of my parents and brothers etc. I will spend my new found time sharing on here what I know so that it will not be lost ever.

Thanks again Nate for this effort to inspire your family especially me. I love you muchly family - all of you!!!

I remember being very loved as a child. I was nurtured by just about everyone. I didn't even learn to walk until I was almost 17 months old because everyone would carry me everywhere. Especially my sweet Bro, Rob. There's a picture somewhere of him carrying me. It's a very significant picture for me. He does that even now when I'm down. He picks me up now with his laughter and his love. I'll always be grateful to Heavenly Father for my Bro, Rob. I just love him so much.

After our brother, Kerry died, we didn't do very well until we found a place of humor and then we both were able to start healing. Kerry had a heart condition from the time that we were very young. I said to Rob, "I always thought that Kerry would die of health conditions." Rob's famous response, "Well, Ellie, I'd like to see you survive getting hit by a truck." In that moment I felt not only Rob and I laughing, but also Kerry right there with us. We laughed for a full five minutes to the point of tears. It got easier after that. Thank God for my brother Rob.

I had a situation this week that was actually very shocking and painful. Of course, I turned, again, to my bro, Rob. He picked me up with laughter and concern and got me back on my perspective again. Thank you again dear Heavenly Father for my dear sweet brother.