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This page was created to reminisce about anything and everything that has gone on in our family, from the good times to the bad (hopefully we'll end up focusing on the good).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Other Memories

I guess I was not involved in the yard work to use the pool part, but I do remember how Kerry really like to keep things neat and clean. I sometimes wish I was that way, but I live in a different mental world.
I have memories of Kerry's pool and how much fun it was to go over and party on hot summer days. The food was always really good, even if we brought part of it. I remember his cool deck off the back of that house in Holiday.
It is hard not to miss my brother, but I know he is happy and was needed for other teaching assignments. I just hope I get to finish what I need to do here, before I go on to other teaching assignments.
On the other hand I have another brother and we don't talk very often. We need to get talk more often.


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