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This page was created to reminisce about anything and everything that has gone on in our family, from the good times to the bad (hopefully we'll end up focusing on the good).

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Staying close

As life goes along it is so easy to grow apart from different members of our family. People move away for work or for school. People grow up and get jobs and families and thus they get busy. We spread ourselves every which way just to make ends meet and to make our lives better. But distance is only really as far away as we make it.

I go out to lunch with my mom and Tony (her boyfriend) every week. I am glad that I am taking the time to go out to lunch with them every week. I always look forward to talking to those two because they always make me feel so good. I know that years from now when mom and Tony are gone that I will be so grateful that I took the time to be with both of them every week.

So here is a challenge for all of you. Find a way to stay close to somebody in the family. Maybe you can call them more often, or email them more often. You could include them in your plans. There are so many things we can do to stay close and some of them are as simple as taking five minutes to call and ask, “how are you doing?” I think that if you take this challenge seriously you will find out just how awesome this family of ours really is.

I want some comments to see who is willing to take this challenge with me. Oh and spread the word to all the other family members who may not be reading this blog.

Monday, April 10, 2006

More mouse stories

I am pasting this from an email from Autn Lynnae:

Both Shane and I have separate MOUSE stories, too. Shane's just happened this past winter, with a whole mouse family infesting their current house in Hurricane. I'm sure he could tell you the story in better detail. They kept finding mice in the toilet, in the washer and dryer, and everywhere else. Becky gave Shane an ultimatum: "Get rid of all the mice - OR ELSE !!!" I think they finally got rid of them all.

My mouse story happened in Draper when I was pregnant with Shane. We had mice in that house all the time, so traps were set on a regular basis. One day, a tiny mouse was caught only by the foot, so although he was weakened, he was nowhere near dead, and he was dragging MY trap back to his little mouse home. His front door was a rather large hole between the wall and the baseboard, so taking that trap all the way to his living room was a definite possibility. I didn't want to hurt him, but on the other hand I did not want him stealing my trap and then having an object lesson for teaching all his brothers and sisters and cousins what to avoid. So I, too, got out a shoe (Kerry's shoe, of course). And I hit the little mouse with it. But I didn't hit hard enough. It only stunned him. Then he came to, and started dragging the trap again. So I hit him again. Still not hard enough. The dragging continued. Then a third blow from the shoe. (He was a tough little mouse!) By the time he recovered and again started dragging that trap, I was in tears and almost hysterical. I hit him over and over and over, crying the whole time, "Please die. I'm so sorry! Please die! I'm so sorry!" He finally stopped moving. I left the shoe on top of him so I couldn't see him, and left it all for Kerry to take care of when he got home. And I did NOT go back into that room the rest of the day!

That was the same house where bats lived in our attic...
Strange memories from 1971...

Other Memories

I guess I was not involved in the yard work to use the pool part, but I do remember how Kerry really like to keep things neat and clean. I sometimes wish I was that way, but I live in a different mental world.
I have memories of Kerry's pool and how much fun it was to go over and party on hot summer days. The food was always really good, even if we brought part of it. I remember his cool deck off the back of that house in Holiday.
It is hard not to miss my brother, but I know he is happy and was needed for other teaching assignments. I just hope I get to finish what I need to do here, before I go on to other teaching assignments.
On the other hand I have another brother and we don't talk very often. We need to get talk more often.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kerry's Pool's Rules

I remember when Uncle Kerry lived in Holiday. He had a pool and this meant that we hung out at his house a lot. He always expected us to earn the pool by doing yard work. At the beginning of each "pool season" Kerry would read off the rules. Does anybody remember what the rules were?

I remember that we had a lot of good times in that pool. We always seemed to eat very well too. It seems like that was so long ago.