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This page was created to reminisce about anything and everything that has gone on in our family, from the good times to the bad (hopefully we'll end up focusing on the good).

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My mouse chase

We had a mouse problem at my current house as well. For a long time I just thought it was funny because Ian (my roomate) is easily spooked. He'd see the mouse and freak out running around like a scared little girl. So I ignored the problem for a long time because I think it's funny when he freaks out. Well I saw a mouse in my bedroom two days in a row. That's when I changed my mind about the mouse problem.

So the next day I got a few mouse traps and some poison, and I layed them out carefully. We caught a mouse in my room one day in one of the mouse traps. I was so proud! A few days later Marcus Mike and I were going to watch some tv. We moved the couch and saw the mouse run under the another couch. We had him cornered! We all grabbed shoes so we could smash him. We had him running between Marcus and me. He would run one way, only to see a giant with a shoe, and then turn the other way and see the same thing. Finally he got up the nerve to try to run past me. I slammed the shoe down as hard as I could and smashed him. Then Marcus yelled out, "Who's the dominant species now?" I saw the mouse twitch before he died and I kind of felt guilty, at least until I threw him in the trash.

I think that I prefer the poison method to the shoe method. Let them crawl into a dark corner and die all alone, because I don't want to watch it. I was kind of surprised that Rachel was so vindictive with the baby mice. Still, it does kind of fit her character, but don't tell her I said that!


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